Welcome to inFin University

Welcome to inFin University

Are you new to wigs or have questions about how to install them? You've come to the right place! We have tons of free resources for you to use.

Hiya stoodies, I'm Tori Duncan, CEO of inFin & Company, a hair supply store and boutique. I recently launched my online educational platform where I break down the fundamentals of wigs and how to install a variety of them.I've been contemplating doing something that allows my supporters to learn some information from me and my research for free. Those are available here.

I want this blog to serve as a medium for my thoughts and ideas on the hair industry and allow me to discuss trending topics, tips and tricks, and so much more at a frequent pace. I know this will be a journey, so I am asking for your well wishes as I embark on yet another journey as I fulfill my life's purpose. 

It is important for me to lay some house rules and beliefs here on day one. Infin University is a free resource because my passion is to help other look and feel beautiful through hair and beauty. I will continue to 

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