Ann Marie Photography

Ann Marie Photography

Hello beauties! My name is Ann and I am a 19 year old freelance photographer and videographer. I have been doing both photography and videography for about 2 years now and am slowly building my brand. Although it requires a lot of hard work and patience, I absolutely love what I do. I love capturing moments through my camera lense for people to cherish forever and watching their reaction as they see their photos is the best feeling. Working with Tori and all of these beautiful girls has been beyond amazing. I am honored to be apart of this amazing team that makes up Infin Hair!


 Booking Information:

  • Twitter: @marieeee_ann
  • Instagram: @ann_marieeee
  • Via Email: 
  • Via Text/Call: 713-277-8517


How will I be paid?

We normally send payments via Paypal, but we can make accomodations for you, please contact us.

How much will I be paid?

You will be paid 10% of the total order paid - shipping & extra customizations (color packages, custom hairlines, etc).   

When will I be paid?

You are paid monthly, once your account threshold reaches $25.

 What if I don't get $25?

No worries! Your payment will be processed at the end of the year, regardless of the amount.  

Can I just receive a one-time payment before I post?

Typically, our policy with accounts under 100k genuine followers is to not send products/payments. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

How will you know that I have sold anything?

We track everything through the number of times your discount code was used. You can also view this information on your affiliate dashboard. :)


What should I post/How should I get started?

1. Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram or Facebook. You can go to our website and find a picture.

2. Tag @infinandco in your post

3. Include your unique discount code.

Can you send me pictures to post?

There are plenty of photos on the website that you can use! However, if you need some inspiration, take a look at what other Instagrammers have posted for us. Also, you can email us for help finding pictures at

I usually only post new content that I have created. How can I reconcile this with posting content from your site?

That is totally fine. We hear this a lot from our Instagrammers, and you should feel free to purchase a product from the shop using the discount code that we provided you with.